The Phoenix Rises...

As the story goes, the phoenix is a mythical bird with fiery plumage that lives for many years. Near the end of its life, it settles into its nest of twigs which then burns ferociously, reducing bird and nest to ashes. And from those ashes, a phoenix rises – renewed and reborn. The Dream Cafe is a phoenix in of itself.

A perfect financial storm caused the sudden suspension of operations on October 1 of this year. With an incredible outreach of support from musicians, shareholders, staff and fans a series of 6 successful benefits was held to re-launch the Dream. This was followed by a special series of Dinner and Show Nites coming to a close on December 26th and 27th with Gary Comeau and the Voodoo Allstars.

The Dream team has been hard at work creating a sustainable future for the beloved music venue. A core group of talented and enthusiastic minds have dissected the previous business model to conceive a viable operational plan providing security and longevity for the Dream Cafe Co-op.

It is with great excitement that The Dream Cafe Co-op would like to announce our Grand Re-opening in February 2017.  To kick it off we have 4 magical nights with Ben Waters – Feb 1-4.  Followed by Kobotown –  Feb 8th, Eric Bibb -Feb 15 & 16, Tiger Moon – Feb 11, The Screen Doors – Feb 18,  Dave Sinclair & Keith Bennett – Feb 25, Devon Coyote – March 3, and The Silver Screen Scoundrels – March 4. We are in the process of booking a variety of entertainment, some fresh and some familiar into the new year. The Dream will be open for show nites only.

The Dream Café is a music venue and restaurant located on Colourful Front Street in Penticton, BC. We are currently on a limited entertainment schedule, and hope to resume weekly live entertainment in 2017. The Dream was established in 2001 and has held over 100 shows every year. Everything from folk, blues, rock, jazz, world and everything in between! A little something for everyone

Our menu is always changing & evolving but the essence of the Dream is always there. Our emphasis has and always will be to serve clean, healthy food with a variety of cultures represented on the menu that reflect the eclecticism that is The Dream Café.

The Dream Café is a wonderful community that has evolved around music. People from many walks of life and cultures have joined us in the audience as well as on our stage. The beauty is the energy that happens in the room. Thank you all for your continued support!

Upcoming Entertainment

Ben Waters

Feb 1st to 4th


Dream Testimonials

"There really is no place in the world like The Dream Cafe. It's a blessing for both the listeners in the audience and the performers on stage. It's what every venue should strive to be"
- Matt Andersen, November 16th 2016

My wife and I just saw Matt Andersen and you simply could not replicate an experience like that at a large venue. I'm not a religious man, but one could say that was 'church' in terms of the energy and lighting people up!

See, it's not 'just' the music, or 'just' the food, but the coming together of amazing talent, audience, staff and ambience, which as a whole creates an intangible quality that brings spirit and magic to one of Penticton's crown jewels. That* is the Dream Cafe.

For some perspective, an event at larger venues is easily fetching $50 + for entry and then you're an easy $7-$8 a drink. That doesn't get you a meal and that outing pales in comparison to the 'experience' you'll get at TDC.

Those who appreciate it will come! You guys are doing the right thing IMO.

Long live the dream.

- Mike Whitney, Penticton BC (November 9th 2016)