The Dream Café Co-op

In January 2015, the intention to form the Dream Café Co-op to raise funds to purchase the Dream Cafe was announced. By June 30, 2015 approximately 100 people had committed sufficient funds for the Co-op to be formed – to keep the Dream alive!

The Café became incorporated last year. Even though the goal has been achieved, and the Co-op is incorporated, for the foreseeable future the Co-op will continue to accept memberships. It is not too late for YOU to be part of the Co-op. Join the magic of the Dream Cafe and the Dream Café Co-op! You can own a piece of The Dream Café.

The Dream Café will continue to operate in Pierre’s vision: All about music, food and friendship – weaving a magic that touches our lives. The magic is unique for each of us. Creating memories. Recalling memories. Forging new relationships. Recharging batteries. Always – creating Dreams!

You Can Participate By:

  • buying a $25 membership share, AND
  • by purchasing either:

a) a $2,000 investment share in the Co-op, or
b) a $5,000 investment share in Co-op.

As a Co-op member you will be entitled to the following benefits:

  1. an annual dividend on your investments shares (minimum 1% on the $2,000 investment shares / minimum 2 ½% on the $5,000 investment shares);
  2. an annual patronage dividend on the $25 membership shares;
  3. advance notice of entertainment;
  4. 25% discount on entertainment tickets until December 31, 2016 (excludes certain premium priced shows); and
  5. advance purchase of tickets to the Dream Music Festival 2016

To indicate your commitment please complete the subscription form and forward it together with a cheque for the cost of your membership share ($25.00) plus the cost of your investment share ($2,000 or $5,000).

For more information, and to confirm your involvement with the proposed Co-op, see the following documents:

  • Background information package
  • Subscription for
  • Rules of the proposed Dream Cafe Co-op
  • Cooperative Association Act British Columbia
  • Cooperative Association Act Regulations
 The above information can be obtained via or in person at The Dream Café.